Company Name: HairbeautyCF LTD

VAT Registration Number: 405553611

Company Number: 13638321

Weston super mare
Avon, Bristol
United Kingdom

The Life-changing Magic of HairbeautyCF Hair Extensions

HairbeautyCF extensions are helping women around the world feel confident, beautiful, and empowered. We’re so grateful and humbled to be a part of your transformation.

HairbeautyCF Hair extensions will transform your hair in just minutes. Have fun playing with length, volume, or color, and get your dream hair now!

When I finally had my Hair extension in and styled, I looked in the mirror, and began to tear up. I couldn’t believe it…I had my hair back. The extensions made my hair look just like it had before I had gotten sick, maybe even better.
These are extensions that you can clip in when you want long and thick hair, and just clip out at the end of the night. What a wonderful invention, I was thrilled, and I felt beautiful.
I couldn’t believe how natural they looked! All the years wishing I could have long hair were long over, and I had learned to accept the hair that I had, but my extensions gave me just a little more confidence.